Sunday, August 10, 2008

Video: terror in Kashmir, 1990

Video: terror in Kashmir, 1990

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surinder attri said...

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The Ghoul of Calcutta, Mother Theresa ( MT ) kicked the bucket several years ago, but her synthetic-deception continues. It is a deception that ought to be put, on the evening news. Donations to her Missionaries of Charity ( MOT ), continue to pour in like nobody’s business even now, even though MT has been history for several years, and even though MT vowed to live in poverty. The question that pertinently arises is:
What happened to so much money that she collected, & is still pouring in ? The poorest of the poor ( POP ), for whom this money is donated, don’t get any of it. MT claimed that she dedicated her life to POP, but the POP complain that:
“ They don’t get their grub from MOT at all, they get their seedy & shoddy offerings from somebody, who may shovel some rice & lentils, into their plastic bag, out of the goodness of his heart. “

2. If you go to the slums & ask the same question from the skid-row boys over there, you get the same answer, that is they get neither a trinket nor trivia from MOT. In fact, they wonder why educated people of the West, have made MT into such a goddess, when she is nothing of the sort. They seem to be aware that MOT gets lots of donations, but none of it finds its way to them. They seem to know that sisters of MOT collect lots of money, but don’t have the slightest idea, what they do with it. No body in the slums benefits from the huge sums of money collected, in the name of the POP. It is so scandalous & shameful, and the POP are outraged by the enormity of this transgression.

3. No matter which slum you go to, and where you search in the slums, you find lies, fabrication, & fiction. MT often stated that she runs a school in Calcutta, for more than 500 children. But where is this school ?
Indian laws require that, charitable organization publish their accounts, but MT’s organization totally ignores this requirement. When Ministry of Finance is queried, on the same item, the stock answer is:
“ This query is classified information. “
The fiction of MT’s outfit & its devious ways, is neither in dispute nor is a question at issue. It puts the trustworthiness MT’s outfit in considerable doubt.

4. Despite receiving copious amounts of donations, even those few POP that MOT portends to help, are not receiving charitable help at all. MOT withholds help from the starving POP’s & the orphans. In fact, catastrophic conditions prevail in MT homes. The patients are not isolated & syringes are being washed in lukewarm water, before being used again. Even patients in severe pain, are refused pain-killers. The justification for this inhuman treatment of the POP, has its origins in MT’s belief that:
“ The most beautiful gift for a person ( POPs included ) is, that he can participate in the suffering of Christ.
MT stated proudly that:
“ She is far more concerned with life after death, than with the present mortal life. “

5. The pity of it all is that:
The sisters of MOT are perpetuating the extra-ordinary myth , that was started by MT.
They collect huge sums of money, in the name of the POP, but hardly vector this money in the direction of the POP. It is very scurrilous & offensive.

Surinder Paul Attri